Inline AJAX More

Inline Ajax More is a plugin that displays content that is hidden by WP’s <!– more –> Tag on the same page using AJAX (instead of linking to another page).


  • Easy installation - no fiddling with templates, tags or source code.
  • Automatically transforms every “Continue reading …” link
  • Loads content in background - not everything is loaded at page load and then hidden.
  • Uses FX from - 7 appearing and 9 fading effects for free (might be kind of slow because is 100kb pure javascript)
  • Uses bleeding edge Versions of (1.7.1b3 - released 25.5.2007) and included Prototype JavaScript Framework ( - released 19.6.2007).
  • Has options panel to set FX, duration busy XHTML, an texts for (more & less) links
  • Correctly escapes non-standard HTML characters, eg. german Umlaute


  • Download newest Version (v1.0r01 - 18.07.2007, 0058h GMT) - (215 downloads).
  • Extract and upload to you wp-content/plugins directory on your webserver (it should be in a folder called ‘inline-ajax-more’ in your plugins dir).
  • Go to admin->Plugins.
  • Find ‘Inline Ajax More’ and click on activate.
  • Go to ‘Plugins->Inline Ajax More options’ and set desired options.
  • For browser capabilities detection, i.e. detection if browser does not support javascript, you need to have browscap.ini installed and pointed to by your php.ini in the browscap directive (around line 723). It’s no big thing if you can’t set it - e.g. if you are on a shared server - since most browsers today support JS and browscap only helps to detect if the browser does not –
    since positive relying on broscap’s returns would result in disabling IAM just for the mere reason that browscap is not installed on your server which is not what we want.


  • Appearing FX, default: Appear
    Sets the site-wide effect for blending in of content.
  • Dis-Appearing FX, default: Fade
    Sets the corresponding vanishing effect.
  • Duration for FX in seconds, default: 6
    Sets the duration for both effects in seconds, 3-10 works best.
  • Busy Pic, default: <p align="center"><img src="<path to working.gif>" alt="loading" /></p>
    Sets XHTML that is displayed while loading.
  • JS-disabled detection, default: disabled
    Disables the JS-detection that works with the <noscript> tag. This is sometimes neccessary, because of the way the link is added to the document in the <script> section, when the XHTML needs to contain quotes.
    Set to ‘disable’ if your XHTML needs to contain quotes.
  • “Read More” link text, default: Continue reading %s... »
    Sets the text, that is displayed as the read more link in your posts. %s will be replaced by the title of the current post. This can be overriden by the translator by translating ‘Read more’ .
  • “Read Less” link text, default: « Read less of %s ...
    Sets the text, that is displayed as the read less link in your expanded post. %s will be replaced by the title of the current post. This can be overriden by the translator by translating ‘Read less’
  • Use browscap.ini file for user brower’s JS-capa detection, default: disabled
    Uses the browscap.ini file from to detect if the user-browser supports Javascript.
    This will check first if the browscap directive is set in your php.ini, for that it needs access to php.ini first, and then checks if the linked browscap.ini exists.
    Lastly, it will call get_browser() and only enable the option if it returns something meaningful, meaning that browscap is installed and running, regardless of its success of opening php.ini.

Known Problems

  • Of course, does not work when user disabled javascript, but now can detect that and leave the old link intact
  • FX look very much alike
  • Screws up non-standard international HTML characters. I suspect I have to set the text-encoding somehow. (fixed 2.4.06 - v0.9)

Version History

  • v0.1 (27.3.2006):
    -Initial version
    -basic stuff running
  • v0.5 (28.3.2006): (download - 155 downloads)
    -added options for duration and pic
    -changed wording of link to wordpress style
    -RegEx now correctly matches only “Continue reading…” link
  • v0.6 (30.3.2006, 0815h GMT: (download - 148 downloads)
    -fixed multiple clicking bug (Thomas Lee Elifritz), which was stupid JS error
    -> now correctly re-displays content without reloading it from the server (should actually have worked before?)
  • v0.7 (30.3.2006, 2300h GMT): (download - 201 downloads)
    -fixed incompatibility with Inline-ajax-comments plug, functions had same names (*doh*)
    -added hack to put a <!–more2–> on pages where <!–more–> tags get stripped out, and the content is shown instead (for the example)
  • v0.8 (2.4.2006, 1910h GMT): (download - 207 downloads)
    -fixed non-HTML characters malformed bug (thx Sebastian)

  • v0.9 (19.4.2006, 1735h GMT): (download - 520 downloads)
    -changed onMouseUp to onmouseup (validates better)
    -added ‘read less’ link at top
    -added some comments to added HTML
    -removed \n in <a> tag, so that it doesn’t get screwed up by WP’s format plug
    -i18n’ed ‘read less’
    -<!– more2 –> now displays correct title when used on a page
  • v0.9.4 (21.7.2006, 2020h GMT): (download - 534 downloads)
    -replaced scriptaculous 1.6 by 1.6.1
    -added support for TER (experimental)
  • v0.9.8 (14.10.2006, 0900h GMT): (download - 74 downloads)
    -replaced 1.6.1 by 1.6.4
    -added admin options for
    1) text of read more link - replaces %s with title
    2) text of read less link - replaces %s with title
    3) XHTML for pic instead of just pic URL
    -added checking for JS capa of browser… but can only tell if JS is supported not if its actually enabled
    -added some try..catch to JS
    -should let browser handle-link click if something went wrong in loading-code
    -and gives user the option of going to perma-page if something went wrong while displaying later
    -if something goes wrong while hiding, a message appears
  • v0.9.9 (17.10.2006, 0600h GMT): (download - 390 downloads)
    -finalized document.write() JS surrounding of whole link - enables us to have a <noscript> section - that is displayed if JS is completely disabled
    -had to add IAM_disable_JS option to disable the whole JS surrounding, because it does not allow quotes in the Busy-XHTML, because of the way
    the document.write works in this case - so if it contains quotes (single|double), this option needs to be checked
    -had to do this by a select rather than a checkbox since IAM_update seems to get called regardless of actually updating
    -removed superfluous <img src=…> code in admin in description of Less and More link text
    -added temporarily disabling of error reporting for get_browser, so that PHP does not complain if ‘brows_cap’ directive is not set in php.ini

  • v1.0 (16.07.2007, 0333h GMT): (download - 17 downloads)
    -updated scriptaculous to 1.7.1_beta3 (from 25.5.2007) w/ NEW prototype (from 19.6.2007)
    -L183 added /…(class=”more-link”)?/ to REGEX search string, WP2.2 seems to incorp. TER already?
    -reversed logic of browscap checking, coz it used to fail when the browscap.ini wasnt installed
    -now it only disables JS when it is really sure, i.e. when get_browser succeeds and says the browsesr doesnt speak JS
    -had to change <!– more2 –> to <!– 2more2 –> coz WP2.2 now matches /<!–more(.*?)?–>/ as more tags
    -added Shake, Pulsate and Highlight to the appearing FX, though they are not appearing anything, they are more to “highlight” whats already there
    -now only loads the effects and not all of 100kb scriptaculous by using “?load=effects” in “<script src=…” statement

  • v1.0r01 (17.07.2007, 0058h GMT): (download - 215 downloads)
    -added function check_browscap() that tries to open and parse php.ini to find browscap directive and checks existence of browscap.ini
    -calls get_browser in the end and checks for meaningful return, if so it will enable a selection to enable the browscap check
    -is called in admin-options panel and gives feedback on findings
    -browscap is then only used if enabled in admin-panel
    -still uses only negative feedback, to not use JS only when browscap works and says that browser doesnt support
    -added option IAM_browscap that can only be set to true, when check_browscap returns true
    -if check_browscap returns false it will disable the selection and set IAM_browscap to false
    18.07.2007, 1415h GMT:
    -added version checker in admin panel


  • A Version of ‘inline ajax comments’ that automatically adds the link, without source-code editing, and uses, too.


  • Appear
  • Fade
  • 6
  • http://<yoursite>/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/inline-ajax-more/working.gif (default pic)

FX other than Appear and Fade don’t seem to be too amenable to large content, do not worry if you do not see any change in the Effect.
The hidden content is just the pic from my girlfriend thats ontop of the sidebar.
I hacked the plugin so that it recognizes and correctly translates <!–2more2–> tags as well, and also so that this content is stripped from normal content.


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  1. I didn’t mean to be so harsh in you. Set up a download counter, that everybody can read and watch, as you are going to get lots of hits here since I blogged it, and it has the magic AJAX word. I really don’t have a lot of time on my hands, but there is a slight logic error in the toggling, it works once, and then it starts acting strangly, at least in Firefox Set up a demo page, right here, just have a little extra text on the bottom of this post so that your users can work through the issue, and comment on them. Believe me, there will always be another bug, nothing is totally bug free. You can expect something upwards of 1000 downloads over the next month or so. I think it’s a great plugin, like I said, I have issues. They are my issues, not yours, so don’t be offended.

    Comment by Thomas Lee Elifritz — 29.3.2006 #

  2. Hmm…

    you are actually right.
    I never tried clicking on the same link multiple times. I think I know what the problem is, but unfortunately I have a paper to write right now, and thus no time.
    I will look at it after midnight tonight, after the submission deadline.


    Comment by Vitus — 29.3.2006 #

  3. This is a great plug in. As soon as the quirk mentioned above is repaired I plan to use this all the time…

    Comment by Big Dog — 29.3.2006 #

  4. Hey,

    Does not seem to work with WP 1.5.2. :(

    More tags show up as something like:

    onMouseUp='ajaxShowMore(57,"","","Appear",6); return false;'>
    (more…) »

    And of course it does not work.

    And continue reading links are not even touched at all.

    Any ideas, would love to be able to use this plugin?



    Comment by Will — 29.3.2006 #

  5. The link is actually right.
    Check if the links to scriptaculous.js and prototype.js appear in the header. These are needed for it to work.

    Comment by Vitus — 29.3.2006 #

  6. Update to v0.6:
    resolved multiple clicking bug

    !Happy using!

    Comment by Vitus — 30.3.2006 #

  7. Thanks, I’ll give it a spin and BLOB it. Everybody is going to love this thing, you nailed the idea, so please put a little read more link on this comments page, so first time visitors can try it, and the download counter would be nice, as people usually will come back here often looking for updates, and it’s nice to watch the download counter climb, as your fame and notoriety as a Wordpress AJAX plugin author spreads like wildfire throughout the world.

    Comment by Thomas Lee Elifritz — 30.3.2006 #

  8. Does this conflict with the inline comments plug-in? When this is activated that does not seem to work.

    Weilen Danke

    Comment by Big Dog — 30.3.2006 #

  9. Jeah…
    I noticed that, too.
    I contributed it to the comments plug not working on my OSX version of FireFox, at first…
    But it actually did.

    -Fixed- in v0.7. by renaming the functions.
    Actually I am thinking of implementing my own version of the inline comments plug that does not need no code fiddling by using the same technique mine does (filter).


    Comment by Vitus — 30.3.2006 #

  10. oKey..
    all requests done.
    Example is here and working on this page.
    Download counter is in place.
    And it works now with the inline-read-more plugin, also.
    Happy reading more…

    Comment by Vitus — 30.3.2006 #

  11. Prepare for greatness derDoc!

    If you build it, they will come.

    Comment by Thomas Lee Elifritz — 30.3.2006 #

  12. […] If you want your posts to do a neat trick and simply open up on the same page (instead of taking them to another page to read) you can install this Ajax Plugin.   […]

    Pingback by Blogilepsy » Excerpted Posts-WordPress — 31.3.2006 #

  13. This plugin seriously rocks. You have been awarded the rank of PimpMaster. Use it wisely. Enjoy life.

    Comment by Rizwan — 2.4.2006 #

  14. Known Problems

    - Screws up non-standard international HTML characters. I suspect I have to set the text-encoding somehow.

    I had the same problem with AJAX-commentig using the K2 theme.

    Zeo offers a solution that might also work for your plugin:

    Open comments-ajax.php add this line to line 3:
    header('Content-type: ' . get_option('html_type') . '; charset=' . get_option('blog_charset'));

    And then open js/prototype.js.php find (there should be 3 place): encodeURIComponent and replace with escape

    Works fine for me (concerning German umlauts using the charset iso-8859-1), but I have not yet tested it with Inline AJAX More.

    Comment by Sebastian — 3.4.2006 #

  15. 0.8 does not work for me, I get an error page. Back to 0.7 and works.

    This has one line that will not validate. It is
    Error Line 327, column 51: document type does not allow element “div” here; missing one of “object”, “applet”, “map”, “iframe”, “button”, “ins”, “del” start-tag .

    Any way to change or fix the div so it validates?

    Comment by Big Dog — 4.4.2006 #

  16. Same as Big Dog for me. Really don’t know why.

    Apart from that, great plugin !

    Comment by LordJieM — 5.4.2006 #

  17. Hmm…
    Weird error, coz I didnt actually introduce anything new. I just changed the code as suggested by Sebastian above.
    Can you gyus help me a little bit.
    Where does the error show? In the browser, is it a php error? JS Error. And does it work here on this page for you, since I am running v0.8. If it doesn’t, this points to a browser error, since it does work for me. In that case try another browser, see what happens.
    If it is a php error, does it give you a line and file? Then I can find and fix it.

    Comment by Vitus — 5.4.2006 #

  18. I get the error when I validate my site

    Comment by Big Dog — 9.4.2006 #

  19. Ok.
    Have you tried to validate my site?
    What do you see?
    14 errors, thats right.
    And do they all come from my plugin? -> No.
    I have this weird behaviour with wp2 that it adds a <p> in front, but forgets the closing </p> at the end of the line the plugin adds. -> Error.
    Can I do something about it? No.
    I don’t know why HTML should not allow a <div> there, because I cannot find any open inline tags (<a> or the like) above, moreover any that I caused.
    My 2c are that the validator just likes to be anal.

    Comment by Vitus — 9.4.2006 #

  20. Hey,


    The link is actually right.

    Check if the links to scriptaculous.js and prototype.js appear in the header. These are needed for it to work.

    My response:

    Yeah they are both in the header. Still the same with the latest version.

    See here:

    As you can see the html is screwed up.

    Comment by Will — 17.4.2006 #

  21. Works like a charm. Thanks so much!

    Comment by Dean — 17.4.2006 #

  22. 中文评论测试

    Comment by stane — 17.4.2006 #

  23. Hi,your plugin is great.
    But does it conflict with the K2 Ajax Commenting?My site is in Chinese and charset UTF-8.But when both plugins are activated,the Chinese characters can’t be display correctly…When one of them is deactivated,everything is ok.

    Comment by stane — 18.4.2006 #

  24. It did work for me with both plugs activated.
    Although the Ajax comments plugin, the one that K2 uses, did not show my German chars right, even with IAM deactivated.
    Does that work for you?
    Odly enough IAM doesnt work on my main site any more.. I gotta figure that out 2morrow…

    Comment by Vitus — 18.4.2006 #

  25. It did work.
    But when IAM activated,the Ajax comments cannot show the NEW comments in Chinese chars correctly.If I deactive IAM and post a new comment,it is ok.

    Active IAM and comment,wrong.Deactive and comment,right.That’s the problem.

    And if i disable Ajax commenting,everything is fine.So i just think IAM conflicts with Ajax comment plugin.

    Comment by stane — 18.4.2006 #

  26. It works fine with ZEO’s AJAX Commenting hack :

    This plugin is great, and I see your download counter rising systematically. I’ve set my scriptaculous time to 1 second to speed it up. I can only suggest one small improvement. For long comments, or for any length comments, it would be nice to also have a ‘read less’ tag at the top of the ‘read more’ section in addition to the bottom of the comment.

    Tbanks again! Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Thomas Lee Elifritz — 18.4.2006 #

  27. Hi!

    I did read your comment on WP forums, so I tried this plugin and works great.

    There is a little problem validating XHTML 1.1: there is no attribute "onMouseUp".

    Just change it to “onmouseup” in inline-ajax-more.php.

    That’s it, good luck.

    Comment by Stahn — 19.4.2006 #

  28. Nice plug-in. I’d add two more fields for the translation for the “more” and “less” links (both for those that want different text in english and for those that use a different language). That is, of course, if you don’t want to bother with PoEdit (I wouldn’t for just two strings, myself). I saw the “Less” link but can’t find the “more” text.
    Too bad it modifies the page after other scripts have already modified it, because two of my favorite plugins, Redalt’s footnotes and Lightbox don’t load afterwards. I’ll try to see if I can add function conditionals that reload and redisplay if anything needs to change.
    Has anyone found a workaround for these last two? Should I provide further info?

    Comment by Eduo — 19.4.2006 #

  29. @Stahn: I incorporate that into the next version.
    @Eduo: Ill add the language vars.
    Regarding the order that plugins get executed, there is actually a param to the add_action call ‘prio’.
    I dont set that, so its the default and gets exec’ed last yo creo.
    But you can set that to 1 so that its gets exec’ed before all others if you wanted.
    The reason that the ‘more’ text is not there is that I actually match the text of WPs own “read more” link and use that in my plug.
    So if you have another language installed, that will change automatically.
    @Thom: added the read less link, will be in the next version.


    Comment by Vitus — 19.4.2006 #

  30. @Eduo: The read more string is actually an option to the ‘the_content()’ function that the template calls in a tight loop.
    If you dont set it in the template, it gets set to ‘(more…)’.
    So its not i18n’ed yet.
    Well, I changed the read less $var to __(’read less’), so whoever wants to i18n it can do so.
    Version 0.9 is up.

    Comment by Vitus — 19.4.2006 #

  31. Vitus:

    Gracias, this makes it easier to translate either way.

    On the other problem with lightbox and footnote: These two rely on scanning the page onLoad to modify the DOM and add the footnotes on one side and the lightbox routines. Since the DOM changes whenever the ajax “more” link is pressed but the lightbox and footnote routines don’t rescan then their functions don’t work. They work properly when running in full articles. A sample article where this can be seen is the article named “Nueva version de LightBoxJS 2 - Mira que bonito” in (I don’t like it directly so as to not appear to be trolling for hits). You can see how in the full article page (clicking on the title) all lightbox images work correctly (even the slideshow) and the GeSHI plugin formats the HTML correctly but in the “ajax expanded” version in the main page these two don’t work. I think this is because they both modify the DOM on onload.
    Incidentally, version 0.8, I seem to recall, didn’t clash with LightBox (in that both use Prototype) but now if the inline-more is enabled then lightbox stops working (it still works in fullpost pages, though).

    Comment by eduo — 20.4.2006 #

  32. Ok, complementing:
    As expected, there was a clash between prototype versions. As lightbox was using a much older version I’ve commented prototype and scriptaculous so this plugin’s versions are used (I will in the future take the javascript out of every plugin that could use it and move it to the template, probably).

    So now Ligbtox works in the main page for unexpanded posts and in the unexpanded part of longer posts. The XHR-loaded part of the post obviously doesn’t get it’s DOM section scanned by the lightbox scripts and, thus, doesn’t behave properly. I’ll need to see if there is any way to rescan the DOM after expanding a post (and after closing it up, too) to tack it on the end of your script.

    Comment by eduo — 20.4.2006 #

  33. Opera 9 renders pretty bad the latest version (0.9). There was a Beta released yesterday, if you want to test it.

    And another thing, 75% of the time this link doesn’t work:

    Comment by Stahn — 20.4.2006 #

  34. Damn, I forgot, I don’t know if this matters, but latest version is 1.6.1.

    Comment by Stahn — 20.4.2006 #

  35. Ok. I’ve figured the function I have to run after loading the div info to rescan the DOM and generate the lightbox entries again, but I can’t make it work.

    Theoretically after expanding (or dropping) the extended text I should be able to run “initlightbox()” and it would rescan the page, but I can’t make this work. I’ve tried doing it directly in the onmouseup actions but it doesn’t seem to work.

    Could you suggest somewhere else I should do this? I guess I could do it in the IAM… functions but I’d rather accept I don’t know where to do it and not keep trying to do it all over the place.

    Comment by Eduo — 20.4.2006 #

  36. Sorry, that should’ve been “initLightbox();”. I’ve added at the end of IAM_ajaxShowMore.

    Comment by Eduo — 20.4.2006 #

  37. Hi Vitus,

    I use The Excerpt Reloaded which automatically displays excerpts on my blog index page. I prefer TER to WP tags because I do not have to manually insert anything into my almost 300 posts.

    Is it possible to adapt your Inline AJAX plugin to also automatically convert TER tags to collapsible?


    Comment by Geekette — 22.4.2006 #

  38. @Stahn: Ill inlcude the newest scriptaculous in the next release.
    I know that the link does not work most of the time.
    Thats what you get for sponsored Domains. If you dig youll see that its actually not registered to me. Its ad-financed, and thus just a framseset which keeps the browser displaying the right URL, but loads my page. Normally it would open a new window displaying the ad, but its smart enough to realize that that does not work in most popup blocking browsers and opens a frame instead. I use a crude JS hack to forward the browser to this URL instead, which lives on my server.
    I think the servers only allow a certain percentage of hits through (maybe 1/4?) that might be it.

    @Geekette: Im working on it.

    Comment by Vitus — 23.4.2006 #

  39. Vitus:

    I’ve managed to make it work. I saw you’d wrote in my site and thought it was polite to mention what I did in the end.
    I started using LightboxJS as a plugin to make it easier on myself. I’m using this:

    But I commented the scriptaculous part to have it load only once. Then in ajax-more.js I added initLightbox(); just before the last bracket in both IAM_ajaxDisplayWhenLoaded and IAM_ajaxHideMore (the last one is because if the text is hidden the lightbox images need to be re-parsed, as pointers would point to nothing).

    You mentioned something about my image. I’m not sure which image you mean. My avatar? The images in the post itself?

    Comment by Eduo — 23.4.2006 #

  40. Incidentally, people not using Javascript are covered in this case, as the lightbox routine points to a normal image when javascript is not enabled. Same when CSS isn’t. I’m right now considering SERIOUSLY modifying my theme to clean it up a little, although I love it. I feel it’s a little overloaded.

    Comment by Eduo — 23.4.2006 #

  41. Hey,

    OH sweet, 0.9 works great now!

    Thanks a lot,


    Comment by Will — 24.4.2006 #

  42. Oh and can you fix the valadition errors for version. 1.0 ;)

    that is:



    Comment by Will — 24.4.2006 #

  43. The errors for validation are of two kinds:

    1.-Comments closed incorrectly.
    2.-Id’s can’t start with anything other than a letter.

    Both can be fixed easily in the code and, in reality, don’t affect the behaviour of the script.

    I can’t do this from the office, but it would’ve been more useful to provide the code to do this directly. I’ll try that later today when I get home (some 9 hours from now)

    Comment by eduo — 24.4.2006 #

  44. When I installed 0.9 Wordpress indicated it was incompatible with wordpress. I got an error page every time I tried to use it. I went back to 0.7 and it works.

    I like the read less at the top, have any ideas why 0.9 is not compatible?

    Comment by Big Dog — 24.4.2006 #

  45. @Dawg: I dont know. You are running WP2.0.2, maybe I should try updating, too.
    I don’t have that problem with 2.0
    I’ll check for version 1.0, maybe they changed something in their plugin header.
    @Eduo: Validator errors are fixed (but damn, I always like to close tags with the same string I opened them).


    Comment by Vitus — 24.4.2006 #

  46. Glad to hear it. :)

    Comment by Will — 25.4.2006 #

  47. hi, thx for this plugin! I dont hav any problem except that it doesnt work with Internet Explorer. Works fine with firefox though!

    any ideas how to fix this?
    thanks in advance.

    Comment by fizyboy — 30.4.2006 #

  48. Hi! Very Nice Plugin by the way!

    The version 0.9 of Inline Ajax More doesn’t work with Internet Explorer (well, it screw up completely my blog, probably beacause a or a doesn’t close well)..
    I downloaded 0.8 and it doesn’t screw up anything.
    One other problem tough, when I want to use the plugin, when I click on continue reading in any navigator, it makes this error:

    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Comment by Dave — 11.5.2006 #

  49. Apparently, it seems to work well with version 0.7! Only html validation error which I can correct myself!

    Comment by Dave — 11.5.2006 #

  50. Hmm..@Dave
    Thats the same error I get when my gallery stop working, because it needs some special php settings, and the confixx we use rewrites the apache config files soemtimes and deactivates the changes I make.
    But on your server, I dont know.

    And, I heard a lot of people seem to have problems with IE, but that is most likely scriptalicious fault. Nothing I can do, except hope that the newest version works better.
    Anyone tried IE7?

    Comment by Vitus — 12.5.2006 #

  51. As well IE6 as IE7 don’t display the link with the latest version using k2 as a base (didn’t try any other themes).

    Why do you blame scriptaculous (please people stop using scriptalicious, especially if using it as a developper) ? Would scriptaculous be that popular if it had that many problems with IE?

    Comment by madbull — 20.5.2006 #

  52. Scripta**** whatever… isnt that the same anyway?
    I’ll use scriptredible, or scriptacional or maybe scriptane?
    But, yes I am sorry, of course you are right, they wouldnt have such a great success if it wouldnt work in IE. So, its my fault, I concur.
    Ill see, what I can do.
    Unfortunately I am using a Mac to develop and MS decided to discontinue IE for Mac, so I dont have an IE here I can test with.
    But as soon as I get one, I’ll get onit.

    Comment by Vitus — 21.5.2006 #

  53. I’m still using version 0.7 too, and it works great, I have had no problems with it. There is another faster script out there (in theory expand and contract read more or less can be as fast as the server), but it has some serious AJAX clashes with some of my other scripts.

    Comment by Thomas Lee Elifritz — 22.5.2006 #

  54. i don’t think this works on 2.0.3.When the read more link is clicked on it displays the header logo for me.

    Comment by Shawna — 13.6.2006 #

  55. Beau boulot :-)
    Very nice.
    (work with wp 2.0.3)

    Comment by resux — 21.6.2006 #

  56. I am running WP 2.03, using a modified Random Image 1.1 theme (based on WP Default).

    I get the same problems as Dave above with both versions:
    - IAM 0.9 (formatting blowout in IE 6.02 and eternal loading icon… without expanding text in Firefox 1.7)
    - IAM 0.8 (500 server error upon activation).

    IAM 0.7 seems to work in both browsers, the only issue is that in Firefox the text expands but keeps the loading… icon running and without adding the “read less” link. Any suggestions to fix that on 0.7? Is that an HTML validation issue?

    Comment by ~ Vagabum Mike — 14.7.2006 #

  57. Dont know.
    I havent looked at it for a while, I will tomorrow.

    Comment by Vitus — 14.7.2006 #

  58. Cool. Thanks.

    I also noticed the above behavior for IAM 0.7 works only for the URI and not at all for, where it hangs with loading… icon and without expanded text.

    Comment by ~ Vagabum Mike — 15.7.2006 #

  59. I installed the www redirect plugin ( and changed the URI to and now one can only get to which now is the one that works most of the way (with the exception of the problem on Firefox qirh permanent loading icon after expanded post but before adding read less link to contract post.

    Comment by ~ Vagabum Mike — 17.7.2006 #

  60. This plugin screws up the entire formatting of the page in Opera Browser.

    Comment by Pallab — 21.7.2006 #

  61. @Pallab: my opera 9.0, build 3447 MacOSX 10.3.9 works fine with my page.
    And every other browser, too, for that matter, even IE 6.3… xpsp1 for everyone here that begs to differ.
    @Mike: It seems like it is some kind of JS security problem.
    Since XSS became popular browsers tipcally disallow JS to access stuff in another domain. Some of my browser tell me that is the problem, while others dont care… I assume that your blog is running at, while you want the URL to stay at, right? That is not a different domain per se, but might still be the problem. Check that first, and check the Javascript error console.


    Comment by Vitus — 21.7.2006 #

  62. I really like the plugin… nice work. However, I am having some issues getting it to work. I can only get limited functionality when using the current version of your plugin (prior versions do not work at all with my blog’s theme) and I am getting the same internal server error that Dave experience (commented on 11.5.2006). Is there a specific work around for this error?

    Comment by Kevin — 29.7.2006 #

  63. Hmm…
    I can only give the same answer as with Dave above I dont really know.
    If any of you has access to the server log, that would be the only way to find out.
    So if you do, can you send me the entry from the log?
    Oh, and do you guys run The Excerpt reloaded?
    I added experimental support for that.. maybe thats the reason…?

    Comment by Vitus — 29.7.2006 #

  64. i can’t get this to work. i have done everything right but when i click “continue reading” it just brings you to the single post page.

    Comment by flyinsaucier — 30.7.2006 #

  65. Did you de-activate it already?
    I just looked at your page and it doesnt look like its active, so it wouldnt work…
    But if its active then I dont know… there is not even the link for the .js files in the header.. something is wrong.


    Comment by Vitus — 30.7.2006 #

  66. OK so I’m pretty new to Wordpress, and i think that this is an excellent script. My one problem… What code do I have to type in to use it?

    Comment by Sean — 31.7.2006 #

  67. I am interpreting your question here, because I dont exactly understand what you mean.
    If you mean what code you need to put in your post to seperate the abstract from the rest of the post your are looking for the <!–more–> tag
    There is a button “more” in the most recent version in both the plain and the tinyMCE input modes. Hope that helps…

    Comment by Vitus — 31.7.2006 #

  68. […] Testing new ‘Read More’ plugin By Jonathan A young lady using the handle ‘Vitus’ offers this new plugin for expanding the rest of an article on the main page, instead of linking to a new page. I’ve installed it, and am testing it out this morning. Click below to see if it’s working! Assuming it worked, you’ve just experienced a little “drop-down” effect that expanded the content of this page down a bit, and injected this text onto the main page. Should help reduce load times and page switching, and allow me to slim down main page articles a bit by moving content down into the ‘more’ area. […]

    Pingback by Jonathan Murray - News, comment, attitude » Testing new ‘Read More’ plugin — 5.8.2006 #

  69. Thanks for the test ;)
    Just on a side note, the so called “handle” ‘Vitus’ is not a nickname but my real name, and has been shared by some of the greatest explorers of all time that you all still love, because he discovered the sea that seperates you from the formerly bad russians as well as some roman saints.. but who cares, right?
    And also on a side note, the Latin ending ‘-us’ denotes masculinity.
    The young lady on all those pictures on this site is my fiancé.

    Comment by Vitus — 5.8.2006 #

  70. […] Inline Ajax More […]

    Pingback by Enhancing a Wordpress Blog with Themes, Plugins and Widgets » Rodney Campbell’s Blog — 10.8.2006 #

  71. Very slick plugin; working flawlessly on my site.

    Thank you!

    Comment by nightfishing — 12.8.2006 #

  72. […] Plugin Download Site: […]

    Pingback by Another cool Plugin » Irwan’s — 20.8.2006 #

  73. Hi Vitus,

    I think this is a great plugin. Somehow it seems not to work on a site I am trying to build.

    It gives me the following error:

    >CGI Error
    >The specified CGI application misbehaved by not >returning a complete set of HTTP headers.

    I’m using the Pool theme like you. Is there something in my config that I can change to fix this?

    Comment by Gautam — 20.8.2006 #

  74. Worx fine with me (, just the busy pic doesn’t stop, using ns 8.1, any suggestions?

    Comment by milo317 — 21.8.2006 #

  75. netscape uses both engines: mozilla and ie 6, tried it with opera9 as well, same result.
    Maybe it collides with lightbox…

    Comment by milo — 29.8.2006 #

  76. Hello there ,
    I am firing 2 ajax function when the page is loaded.The problem is, only the first function call is fired and the second is not there any way to solve this problem

    Comment by joshi — 29.8.2006 #

  77. @Milo: maybe… but I think I remember one guy here who had both running successfully…
    @Joshi: Without more information I cant really help you. What are you trying to do, and what are you using?

    Comment by Vitus — 29.8.2006 #

  78. Maybe it collides with the other ajax: lightbox2.0, livecalendar, e-commerce…

    Comment by milo — 30.8.2006 #

  79. […] In other news, I finally got a new plugin working with my site. It’s called Inline Ajax More and it turns all of those “read more…” links into AJAX magic! Instead of opening up a new page, the stuff below the cut appears inline (after some snazzy AJAX effects) along with the rest of the blog. So when you’re done, you can move on reading, or click “Read Less” to close it up. I’ll give an example… click below. […]

    Pingback by Josh’s Blog » Blog Archive » Site updates — 30.8.2006 #

  80. You have a nice plugin.

    Here are some suggestions:

    * The read more link should work, even if the browser has javascript turned off: change the javascript:; back to the original url, $permalink.’#more-$id’

    * The waiting icon is a waste of bandwidth. It’ll take as long to load as the rest of the blog, unless the blog entry is really really long. How about an option for arbitrary XHTML, in which the icon can be put in via IMG tags.

    * Both the Read More and Read Less links should be configurable via the admin interface.

    * The Read Less link at the top (at the MORE quicklink point) shouldn’t be added till after the appear effect is finished. It shouldn’t be removed until after the fade effect is finished. The bottom Read Less shouldn’t be changed into Read More till after the fade effect is done as well.

    * You allow the duration to be chosen, but not any of the other options. Perhaps let people do that?

    * Your javascript should have more try-catch to avoid problems with older browsers or browsers that prototype and don’t work well on.

    Hope these hints are helpful.


    Comment by The Doctor What — 30.8.2006 #

  81. Hey…
    those sounds like a couple good ideas.
    I’ll look at those as soon as I get some time…
    Seems not like anytime soon though, since I am currently in Germany….
    and after my return have to finish my thesis ;)


    Comment by Vitus — 2.9.2006 #

  82. Thks for this remarkable plugin!

    Comment by Orlando — 3.9.2006 #

  83. Works fantastic!

    Comment by mel — 8.9.2006 #

  84. i’m getting a 404 with everything after the more tag. i’m sure if i look at some more i can resolve it. but what i’m trying to do is to see if i can use this this as a type of footnote trigger.

    e.g., instead of bringing the reader down to an anchor, open the additional text right where the reader is. or, if the reader chooses to ignore the footnote, they can continue reading on to the next paragraph.


    Comment by bmunch — 9.9.2006 #

  85. Hi,
    I just got the lastest version from Inline AJAX More and it worked well the first time, but today started to give me an 500 Internal Server Error.
    I’ve seen that I’m not the only one.
    How can I fix it?
    Thank you,

    Comment by webbug — 17.9.2006 #

  86. is there a way for this to work with lightbox?

    this is great though! :)

    Comment by Nicole — 17.9.2006 #

  87. @Nicole: I dont know, I dont use lightbox *shrugs*
    @webbug: As said above, I never had a 500, so I cant really help you, unless someone could provide me with the output of a plain php run of WP, or with the server logs ;)


    Comment by Vitus — 17.9.2006 #

  88. thanks you,
    your plugins is great :)
    thanks for share :)

    Comment by vkhanh — 17.9.2006 #

  89. Hi,
    The plugin doesn’t work with the Subtle theme ( Can you help me to make it work?

    Comment by Juan Pablo — 5.10.2006 #

  90. I love the script, but it doesn’t allow my RunPHP script to be utilized (i.e., to run banner ads in my posts), so I cannot use it.

    Why won’t this plugin work with the PHP in my post?

    Otherwise, great work.

    Comment by Hoboken411 — 6.10.2006 #

  91. @hoboken:
    Well, I would guess that you use something like the ExecPHP plugin to run your PHP right? because WP normally doesnt allow php in the posts either.
    So, the reason why that does not work in expanded posts, is because I do not run the output through all the filters, that WP does.
    I think I run some.. but I am not sure, where else WP might have some hooks, that I didnt see.
    I will have to check into that…
    But unfortunately for all of you guys, I dont have any time to spare right now, since I am trying to finish a thesis with the assholest advisor you can dream up…


    Comment by Vitus — 6.10.2006 #

  92. @The Doctor what:
    good suggestions, are incorporated into 0.9.8
    The only thing that cannot be done is checking if the user has JS enabled from PHP.
    Because we are talking two different domains here: server-side php and client-side JS. Very obviously you cant use JS to check JS.
    The only way would be to have a side set some hidden form in JS and submit on every site change, checking if the var was set; but that only works on consecutive pages, and is not very elegant.
    Then there is the <noscript> tag.. which i am trying to use right now. The thing is, that the other link would be displayed also but wouldnt work, because it is not in a script tag.. which is not elegant.
    So I was trying to emit the whole hickup inside a script tag with document.write.. but it failed , so I have to check out whats wrong…

    And what other options do you mean that I am not letting the user set? I dont see any more.. ;)

    Comment by Vitus — 17.10.2006 #

  93. Every time i tried to activate the plugin this happends:

    Warning: get_browser() [function.get-browser]: browscap ini directive not set. in /home/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/inline-ajax-more/inline-ajax-more.php on line 49

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/inline-ajax-more/inline-ajax-more.php:49) in /home/me000105/public_html/blog/wp-includes/pluggable-functions.php on line 272

    I use Firefox and wordpress 2.4

    Comment by Fito — 17.10.2006 #

  94. […] I played with Inline AJAX More, which seemed cool and AJAXy, except it didn’t work. […]

    Pingback by Paul’s Blog » Blog Archive » Inline AJAX More, and ramblings — 24.10.2006 #

  95. HI,

    I have activated the plugin, but i have no idea how to use it.

    I tried to put or continue read more (topic) >> before the text that i want the user to read, but it just shows nothing. Can you help?

    Comment by Jason — 30.10.2006 #

  96. I can’t seem to get the plug-in to work on two different sites using wordpress 2.0.5 and 2.0.3.

    It activates ok and the options page appears and the javascript links are loaded in the header but the “Read more” links just remain the same.

    I’m not using any other plug-ins except akismet and I even tried deactivating that but to no avail.

    Hope you could share some light on this once you’re done with your thesis. Good luck on that and thanks for the plug-in and support so far.

    Comment by Azmi — 2.11.2006 #

  97. […] Inline Ajax More Automatically turns every “more-tag” in posts into Javascript that displays the hidden content inline using AJAX. […]

    Pingback by Die besten WordPress Plugins - Post » Tipps zur Suchmaschinenoptimierung — 22.4.2007 #

  98. hi vitus! thanks a bunch for your great plugin which appears on my “must-have” list ;-)


    Comment by Michael — 22.4.2007 #

  99. Hi,

    I need this functionality, it looks very nice & is imho a must have.

    However it doesnt work correctly when using the Ocean Mist theme. I can activate it + configure it correctly, but when using the more tag, it doesnt show “Continue reading …”

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    Best regards,


    Comment by — 28.4.2007 #

  100. Hi, a great plugin! I used to use it a while back. then I deleted it by mistake, googled for it like crazy and couldn’t find it. found this other plugin (inline-ajax-page) it doesn’t seem to do the same job. Just found your plugin again (hooray!) but now I have Wordpress 2.1.3 and I am also using K2-Beta-R334 ( - This plugin used to work with K2 before. So I wonder, should this plugin work with Wordpress 2.1.3?

    Comment by Easton — 1.5.2007 #

  101. Hmm. Does not seem to run with Wp 2.2. Anyone?

    Comment by Rizwan — 23.5.2007 #

  102. Sorry guys, just been a lil bit busy w/ schoolwork and all…
    On top of all that my server and with it the blog went down for a while as many of you noticed…
    So now it is back, and I havent had the time to do anything productive w/ the plugin much of all update it to work with WP2.2.
    But I will look at it in a while, hopefully making it work again…

    Comment by Vitus — 27.5.2007 #

  103. Dear users ;)
    Now I had some time on my hands and updated this blog to WP2.2 and verified my plug working.
    I also updatd and extended it a lil so now hopefully it will work for all of you guys again.
    As always, give lots of feedback.

    Comment by Vitus — 17.7.2007 #

  104. […] Inline AJAX more displays content that is hidden by WP’s Tag on the same page using AJAX (instead of linking to another page). […]

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  105. […] Inline AJAX more: Muestra el contenido oculto por la etiqueta “more” usando AJAX. Vía WTC. […]

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  106. […] Plugins Page | Download […]

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  107. […] Inline AJAX More […]

    Pingback by ¿Qué tal, darling? » Blog Archive » Cosas para Wordpress (plugins…) — 22.7.2007 #

  108. Hello,
    i am from germany. I installed the Plugin version 1.0r01 on an german wordpress version 2.2.1 with the theme fspring 1.0.
    Activating the plugin does not work. There are no ajax effects when i click on “read more / mehr lesen”. The Post is loaded, but into a new page.
    Anybody has an idea?



    Comment by chris — 25.7.2007 #

  109. Jo,

    Chris, ich bin auch aus Deutschland und verstehe auch Deutsch.
    Die Einzige Möglichkeit, die ich mir erklären kann, ist dass dein Theme den Link verändert, und deshalb IAM den nicht mehr matchen kann…
    Eigentlich sollte er aber alles finden, was in etwa so aussieht: #more-* class=”more-link”>*</a>
    Geht auch ohne das Class more link… also, schau mal in deinem HTML source von der Seite, oder in deinem Theme nach…
    Ansonsten wüßte ich auch nich…

    Comment by Vitus — 25.7.2007 #

  110. selbst wenn ich das Standard WP 2.2.1 Theme in Deutsch wähle passiert da nix.
    Könnte das an diversen Plugins liegen, die ich nutze?
    Bei meinem Standard Theme, fspring, ist im Quelltext das “class=”more-link”>Mehr lesen ” vorhanden.
    Ich kann mir da auch kein Reim drauf bilden… Leider.


    Comment by chris — 26.7.2007 #

  111. Das könnte es..
    Kannst du mir mal die Adresse deines Blogs geben, dann kann ich mir einmal deinen HTML source anschauen?
    bis denn,

    Comment by Vitus — 1.8.2007 #

  112. Hi Vitus,
    ich habe das gleiche Problem wie Chris.

    Comment by Henning Emmrich — 1.8.2007 #

  113. Hab den Link zur Seite mal meinem Namen hinzugefügt.
    Im Moment bin ich gerade bei, alles fertig zu stellen. Nur Inline ajax more funktioniert noch nicht. Ich habe das Plugin im Moment deaktiviert.


    Comment by chris — 3.8.2007 #

  114. Hmm..
    So auf Anhieb kann ich da auch nichts entdecken, sieht alles normal aus.
    Vielleicht kommen sich die beiden Aufrufe von protoype und scriptalicious ja in die Quere, bei dir Henning.. das hatte ich auch schon einmal.
    Aber sonst wüßte ich auch nich.. sieht alles so aus, wie bei mir.

    Comment by Vitus — 3.8.2007 #

  115. Habe lightbox mal deaktiviert — kein Effekt. Siehst Du irgendeine Möglichkeit um das Problem zu debuggen?

    Comment by Henning Emmrich — 12.8.2007 #

  116. Henning,

    versuchs mal hiermit.


    Funktioniert super. Man muss nichts am code ändern, einfach das Plugin aktivieren.



    PS. Sachen wie lightbox oder die Nextgen gallery von Alex Rabe funktionieren hier aber auch nicht. liegt wohl daran, das die Sachen in dem post erst später nachgeladen werden.
    Ich tüftel da auch schon ewig rum.

    Comment by chris — 17.8.2007 #

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